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Blake Shelton Was One Of The Highest Paid Musicians Of 2021

Kind of shocking...

This past week, Rolling Stone officially released its list of the highest paid musicians of 2021 and Blake Shelton was the only Country singer in the top 10.

Blake had an estimated income of $83 million, landing him at number 9 ahead of Taylor Swift, who sits at number 10 on the year. On top of releasing a new album, as well as a deluxe edition, Blake brought in eight figures as a coach on NBC's hit show The Voice, while his tour brought in $14.5 million.

The artist who made the most in 2021 is none other than Bruce Springsteen with Jay-Z coming in at number 2.

Blake is a hell of a TV personality and for that alone, I'm still a fan. However, what in the hell happened to his music over the past few years? That's a story for another time, I guess.

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