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Braxton Keith Releases "Mama's Song" and It's DAMN Good

Now THIS is a Country song.

All week, the hype has been around Morgan Wallen releasing his new song "Thought You Should Know," a tribute to his Mom for Mother's Day.

While the song is great and one hell of a gift for any mom out there, there's also another artist who just released a better, that's right...better, release today that also pays tribute to his mom on this special weekend; Braxton Keith.

Written by Braxton, along with Charlie Stout, "Mama's Song" tells the story about his mom's life before him, after giving birth, and the things he's learned from her and how it impacted who he is, whether she intended that for him or not.

"I learned about Willie, Waylon and Jones, I learned how to play all them sad Country songs / Cus my heroes have always been cowboys, Mama tried, my mama tried."

Lyrically, the song deserves a lot of credit. Vocally? Braxton Keith absolutely crushed it.

This is the best Country song I've heard in a while. Check it out below.

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