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Braxton Keith & Triston Marez Post Cover Of "Flower Shops" by Ernest & Morgan Wallen

What a helluva duo.

About a month ago, Ernest and Morgan Wallen released the steel guitar filled, heartbreak song "Flower Shops" and the internet went crazy.

Written by Ernest, Ben Burgess and Mark Holman, "Flower Shops" is a song about running out of apologies and recognizing that sometimes buying flowers is "all you can do," a quote from Ernest himself.

Today, two talented artists making a name for themselves in Country music, posted a short cover video of the song to tiktok and other social media platforms and if we're being honest, Braxton Keith and Triston Marez should 100% release a full cover song to all streaming platforms immediately.

Braxton has a cool and very unique voice. Accompanied by Triston's smooth backing vocals, the duo put out a damn good cover with perfect harmonies. On a full studio version, Marez probably get's a solo verse and chorus just as Wallen and Ernest did it on the original.

Release that shit.

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