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Cody Johnson Earns First Ever #1 Country Song With "Til You Can't"

A long time comin'.

Cody Johnson is one of the best Country singers out there right now. In fact, other than Chris Stapleton, he may be the best mainstream radio has to offer.

With that said, Johnson has officially earned his first number 1 single on the hot Country songs chart and it couldn't be more deserving.

I've said it multiple times, "Til You Can't" is the best Country song to be released in years. I thought "On My Way To You" would've gone to number 1 but it only peaked the top 10 and lost momentum late.

Let's not act like he just appeared on the scene, however. Cody has been selling records and packing huge crowds for YEARS now without the success of Country radio. But Country radio needs Cody more than he needs them.

Check out him singing "Til You Can't" live on The Kelly Clarkson Show, below.

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