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Cody Johnson May Be Recording Cover Of "Travelin' Soldier" by Dixie Chicks

Make this shit happen.

Last night was a big night for Cody Johnson at the CMT Awards.

He performed his number 1 single "Til You Can't" and also took home two awards. On top of that, Johnson took to the CMT Fan Cam to read a tweet that asked him to record a studio version of the Dixie Chicks song "Travelin' Soldier" that Cody has been covering for quite a while now.

Written by Bruce Robison, the song became a huge hit for The Chicks in 2002 and when I tell ya Cody sings the hell out of it, he sings the hell out of it.

Replying to what the fan had tweeted out, Johnson said "I couldn't agree more...I secretly like to cover Dixie Chicks songs because I thought they were awesome."

Again, make it happen.

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