Corey Kent Releases New Acoustic Version Of 'Wild As Her' With Carter Faith

Gonna be a Good Friday.

Today, Corey Kent released an acoustic live version of his popular song "Wild As You."

Written by Morgan Wallen, Brett Tyler and Kelly Archer, the new acoustic version features vo all from Carter Faith and was recorded in just one-take.

Wild As You is Corey Kent's most popular song to date and the numbers don't lie. The song has millions of streams while Corey Kent has brought it over a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. If you spent five minutes on TikTok, you heard the song at least once. That's some pretty good numbers for an independent artist.

While I doubt it was ever actually thought of as a duet, having Carter Faith's vocals on the acoustic gave it that extra something to make the song fresh and new.

Check it out, below.

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