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Corey Kent Releases New Song "Wild As Her" And It's Damn Good

The best release of the week.

Corey Kent, someone that continuously gets better and better, even with the small catalog he has right now, just put out arguably his best song and best release of the week.

Kent released an album back in December of last year that exceeded expectations with over 10 million aggregate streams, was Apple Music's Country Riser for the month of March, and continues to tour in places like Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, with artists such as Flatland Cavalry, Josh Abbott Band, Chase Rice and Kolby Cooper.

Speaking of Cooper, the collaboration from the two, "Ain't My Day," has well over 100 million streams now and is still one of my personal favorite songs when it comes time to start drinkin'.

With all of that said, we're receiving new music from Kent, as promised, and it may be his most polished song yet. The vocals stood out to me right when you hear the first line "She never wanted to be white picket fenced in, her hearts like a feather in a Tulsa wind."

Combine those damn good vocals with the rockin' sound, and it's something I'm gonna get behind the wheel, light up a cigarette and roll the windows down too, on repeat.

This is gonna be a massive song for Kent. Check it out below.

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