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Corey Kent Releases Phenomenal New Sophomore Album '21'

A lot of y'all may not know who Corey Kent is yet, but it's time for that to change.

It takes artists sacrifice and a shit ton of hard work to gain any momentum in this business, and although he's just getting started, 2021 was a big year for Oklahoma native, Corey Kent.

On December 28th, the 27 year old released his sophomore album "21," and given the fact that this is the year he's slowly started to make a name for himself, it couldn't have been more perfect timing.

Corey packed up his bags and moved to Nashville when he was 17 to pursue songwriting. What's ironic is he now resides in Dallas, Texas, just more proof that you no longer need to live in Nashville to have a successful career. Kent has opened for some of the biggest artists in the Texas scene, playing for sold out crowds, and teaming up for a huge duet with Kolby Cooper titled "Ain't My Day" which has now surpassed more than 100 million streams and one of my personal favorite go-to songs when I pop that first top.

Featuring some top notch co-writers such as Jack Hummel, Ryan Hurd, Grant Gilbert, Casey Beathard, and Josh Thomspson, most of these songs were already released as singles to all streaming platforms throughout the year. The two new ones you may not have heard? "Highways" and "There's Always Next Year."

After the peak of Covid and all music venues pretty much shut down, Corey had to take a job working for his grandfather-in-law's pavement company. After suffering that setback, he found himself opening a sold out show for Flatland Cavalry in January of '21.

"It felt so good to be back on stage again, especially in front of some energetic, live music-deprived, college students in Texas. I knew that even throughout all of what had transpired in the previous nine months that my family and I had made the right decision to pursue my career this way."

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