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Former President Obama Includes Zach Bryan In His Year End Favorite Music

What a random but pretty cool feature.

Yesterday, former president Barack Obama shared his "year end music playlist" to social media and one of the featured songs included in his "favorites" was Zach Bryan's extremely popular "Something In The Orange."

To be fair, the list wasn't actually a playlist or a "Spotify wrapped" so who knows what he ACTUALLY listens to. One could only assume that this was somewhat political as well with being diverse and picking the "perfect" songs to share and garner attention but nevertheless, still pretty cool for Zach Bryan.

Obama is one of the most polarizing and well-liked/most hated presidents we've had but dude has 133.2 million followers on twitter so I'd be pretty damn ecstatic if I were Zach to see my song on a former president's year end playlist, no matter whom it was from.

View his entire list, below.

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