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Jason Aldean And Bryan Adams To Perform At CMT Awards Together

If you needed a reason to watch this years CMT Awards, we may just have one for ya.

Years ago, Jason Aldean teamed up with Bryan Adams on CMT Crossroads to give a performance of Adam's 1984 hit song "Heaven." It may be Jason's best live vocals to date.

Since the performance, Aldean continued to cover the song at his shows and fans everywhere begged for a studio recording. Although it wasn't acoustic, Aldean didn't disappoint when he released it on the first half of his double album "Macon" late last year.

Just to give some insight on how big this cover was for Aldean, it has over 1.7 million views on Youtube and when we posted the video to our Twitter account, it received over 38 thousand likes and almost 20 thousand retweets.

While we can't OFFICIALLY confirm they will be singing "Heaven," once again, I can officially unofficially confirm that they will. So if you're a fan of either version, tune in to the CMT Awards this Monday at 8:00p.m. on CBS. Trust me, they could use the viewers.

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