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Jason Aldean Releases Brand New Song "Rock And Roll Cowboy"

I actually dig the shit out of this.

Featured on the second half of his double album "Georgia," Jason Aldean just released a new song before the record officially drops in April, titled "Rock And Roll Cowboy."

If you're a Jason Aldean fan, this song is exactly what you'd expect from him. However, it's also a little different and fresh at the same time.

Kickin' off with a computerized drum loop/snap track in the beginning (which I typically hate with a passion,) the chorus gets in your face and features a rockin' second verse and bridge that you typically expect from an upbeat Jason Aldean song that's produced by Michael Knox.

Jason is coming off a massive single "If I Didn't Love You" featuring Carrie Underwood, which spent multiple weeks at No. 1 since being released in July of last year. The follow up to that single is his latest, "Trouble With A Heartbreak."

Havin' a little trouble finding the writers on this new one but will update this article as soon as I find it.

Jason's album will offically be out April 22nd.

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