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Jason Aldean Releases New Song "God Made Airplanes"

Aldean is back again.

Just weeks away from the release of the second half to his double album, "Macon, Georgia," Jason Aldean is giving us another track, titled "God Made Airplanes."

With a familiar theme to past songs such as "Fly Over States" and "This Plane Don't Go There," Jason continues his partnership with longtime producer, Michael Knox, because "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

While this sounds like a typical Jason Aldean song, it's still fresh, just like much of what we heard from the first half of this record.

There's elements of this song I really like. From the sound of an airplane taking off when you first hit the play button, to the first two lines of the first verse co-written by Jessi Alexander. However, something I just don't understand is why Jason Aldean, and other similar artists, continue to put a snap track in the intro of their songs.

Do people really sit back and say "Ya know what, this song is good but it'll be REALLY good if we throw 30 seconds of snap tracks in it." No. All you do is discredit the entire song to people who hate that shit. People like me. Yet, I'm still an Aldean fan so I guess I look past it.

Regardless, the song is good and the new album drops April 22nd. Listen to "God Made Airplanes" below.

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