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Kip Moore Re-Releases "Crazy One More Time," Will Be Next Radio Single

Givin' the fans what they want.

Nearly a decade after his debut album Up All Night, Kip Moore re-visited an old fan favorite and is sending it to Country radio as his next single.

"Crazy One More Time," the 5th track off the 2012 record, is still something I listen to today, especially because Kip has some of the best vocals in all of music.

Trying to compare the original version from a decade ago to the new re-release, is actually pretty difficult and interesting. Normally I choose to stick with what I'm used too. Ya know, the whole.."if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. But I reckon if you're going to send a song to Country radio that you recorded 10 years ago, you better re-do the vocals. With that said, the difficulty in comparing the two is that they're both really good and I'm not sure which one I Iike better.

Guess I'll have to play both versions a hundred times in a row to decide. Oh, and I haven't seen the new version posted on Youtube yet, so search it on Apple Music or Spotify. Til' then, enjoy it live from 2013 below.

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