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Lainey Wilson Releases New Song "Watermelon Moonshine"And Announces New Album

One of the more interesting releases of the week.

Today, Lainey Wilson released a new single "Watermelon Moonshine," as well as an announcement that her new album "Bell Bottom Country" will be out this Fall on October 28th.

Lainey Wilson is one of my personal favorite rising stars in Country music. Reminiscent of "Strawberry Wine," by Deana Carter, the song tells a story of a young love and how every time she looks back on those memories, she thinks of watermelon moonshine.

Also, spoiler alert; Not only are the two songs similar because they go back in time to a younger relationship and involve alcohol, they both make subtle hints that the song is also about losing their virginity. I know, you'll never listen to "Strawberry Wine" the same again.

With that said, this song is still very fresh and should do well on radio if it becomes her second single after "Heart Like A Truck."

Check it out below.

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