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LISTEN: Riley Green Releases New Song "Hell Of A Way To Go"

What a damn Good Friday it is.

Today, Riley Green just released the studio version of "Hell Of A Way To Go," something he had featured on "We Out Here: Live" earlier in the year.

While the song is upbeat, the message is clear and meaningful. Singing about the memories of all the things he watched his dad and grand-dad do, watching Alabama college football, seeing his parents swing together out on the front porch, and realizing that when it's his time to leave this earth, him carrying on that sort of tradition would be a life he'd be damn proud of.

Although he's given us some EP's as of late, Riley Green's debut album "Different 'Round Here,"came out all the way back in 2019 so hopefully this is the start of a new full-length record.

Check it out below.

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