Luke Bryan Releases New Song "Country On," Gives Update On Next Album

Today, Luke Bryan officially released his brand new singe, "Country On" to all streaming platforms.

Written by David Frasier, Mark Nesler, Mitch Oglesby and Styles Haury, the song is another blue-collar anthem that speaks on farm life, Cowboys, hometowns, first responders, etc.

While to me, the song isn't anything unique or special that makes Bryan's music standout anymore than it has over the past 8 years, but at least it's not...horrible? Yeah, we will go with that.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Luke says probably half of his new album is about done.

"We're working hard in the studio and then go in and cut some more songs. We've got several songs right now that we feel like can be singles."

If I'm being honest, half of Luke Bryan's last record wasn't bad at all so I have to give credit where credit is due. I'm hopin' for some good stuff this time around. We'll keep ya updated on it's release.

Check out "Country On" below.

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