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Luke Combs Says It's Between Him Or Morgan Wallen As The Biggest Country Star In The World Right Now

What a bold statement.

Recently, Luke Combs sat down with the guys over at Full Send Podcast and had a great conversation while also answering some pretty dicey questions.

When asked "who's the number 1 country music star in the world right now?," Luke had a very bold but honest answer; "It's me or Wallen for sure."

First things first, he's not wrong. While I saw some comments and posts on social media questioning Luke's "humbleness" for including himself in the answer, can we really blame him? I mean, it wasn't like he was asked who's the biggest Country artist of all time? He didn't compare himself to Waylon or Cash or Strait or Alan or Brooks & Dunn. Hell, even Chesney or Aldean. It was a question focused on the Country music genre at THIS very moment. And I think he got it one thousand percent correct.

The conversation does go a little deeper when Luke is asked if there is a competition between him and Morgan.

"I think anybody who says there's not is lying. Any business is competitive."

Luke goes on to say it's all friendly and how much he loves and respects Morgan, especially after touring together.

I will say, at this very moment, I give the slight edge to Morgan. I mean hell, he did break a million fuckin' records with his last album. But regardless, at the very least, his fanbase has proven they're diehard.

Check out the clip below.

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