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Luke Combs To Throw Parking Lot Party In Nashville Next Month

Doin' it for the fans.

We're all aware that Luke Combs has had a massive start to his career over the last few years. In honor of his first eight singles to Country radio all going numer 1, Luke Combs is hosting a parking lot party in Nashville on June 8th.

The party will feature a performance from Luke, as well as him sharing the stage with 11 songwriters in the parking lot of his record label company on Music Row, BMI.

Hailey Whtters and Drew Parker plan to open the show with songwriters such as Ray Fulcher, Tyler Reeve and Jonathan Singleton in attendance, as well. Tickets to the concert start at just $10 and benefit the BMI foundation, a nonprofit wing of the company. The official website says the event is sold out but tickets are available everywhere, and yes, at a much higher price.

Going to be a helluva time.

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