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Morgan Wallen Keeps Promise of Donating $500k To Black Organizations

Making good on his promise.

A few months after Morgan Wallen's video "incident" that was made public by TMZ, Morgan promised to donate $500,000 to black-led organizations and charities.

In September of 2021, Rolling Stone released bogus information that basically questioned if Morgan Wallen was really following through with his pledge, claiming the money was nowhere to be found after contacting multiple black-led charities. They noted Morgan did donate "some money" but that the $500,000 donation Morgan pledged appeared to be "exceptionally misleading."

News organizations everywhere ran with that bullshit story until Morgans manager, Seth England, clarified and put that rumor to rest by confirming that Morgan had donated $300,000 to BMAC in the names of 20 individuals who had counseled him following the video that leaked to, well basically...everywhere.

After that, Morgan donated another $100,000 to Rock Against Racism in May of 2021. And finally, today, Morgan ket his promise and donated the last $100,000 of his $500,000 pledge to the National Museum Of African American Music In Nashville.

Tuwisha Rogers-Simpson, the Vice President of brand partnerships for the museum, said she toured and shared the same mission with Morgan and that "he was eager to learn more in a sincere effort to grow."

Either way, people won't be satisfied. Cough *Jason Isbell* cough. But Morgan kept his word and according to his label, "has made strides to educate and better himself since his use of the racial slur last year."

Plus, whether you hate him or not, Wallen has broke a shit ton of records this year and is one of the hottest artists in the genre. Sorry, but he ain't going anywhere.

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