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Morgan Wallen Received Almost 2 BILLION Streams On Spotify Alone in 2021.

Holy shit.

It's no shock that on top of probably having the worst year of his life, Morgan Wallen has had the best year of his career, despite the road blocks and setbacks.

Wallen's double album "Dangerous," is the best selling album of the year, all genre, and after posting his Spotify Wrapped for the past year, the numbers are incredible.

Spotify does not count a song being played as a stream unless it is listened to for at least 30 seconds. When it comes to streams alone, Morgan had a whopping 1.9 billion. His total listeners was at a steady 28.4 million with 100.9 million hours that his music was streamed as a total.

Not only are those numbers insanely impressive but that's just for Spotify in the year 2021 alone. Hell, if you're anything like me, you use Apple Music. Add up all the other streaming platforms and I wonder whatcha get.

Morgan Wallen's fanbase is the most loyal of any Country music artist, ever, and there's no debate.

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