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Morgan Wallen Received Over 2 Billion Streams On Spotify Alone in 2022

Holy shit.

For a second year in a row, Morgan Wallen has dominated Country music. From shattering multiple records to having the best selling album last year, all genre, Morgan Wallen's momentum hasn't slowed down. In fact, his momentum only keeps skyrocketing.

Spotify officially released their numbers for this year just last week and Morgan Wallen has over 2.1 Billion streams in the first 11 months. Keep in mind, Spotify doesn't count a song being streamed unless it was played for at least 30 seconds. Also keep in mind, these numbers do not count towards Apple Music listeners or any other streaming platforms. Those impressive numbers are JUST from Spotify alone.

Morgan had a whopping 1.9 billion total streams last year so his numbers are up , even without putting a new album out this year.

If you want to talk about the most loyal fanbase of any Country music artist, ever, there's no debate it belongs to Wallen.

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