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Morgan Wallen Releases New Song "You Proof" On 29th Birthday

Another. New. Song.

After releasing "Don't Think Jesus" on Good Friday and "Thought You Should Know," a tribute to his mom on Mother's Day weekend, Morgan Wallen releases another new song "You Proof" while celebrating his 29th birthday.

"You Proof" has some creative lyrics and is an extremely catchy, good-feeling kind of song. However, it's unlike his last two releases that I really enjoyed.

I'm not saying I feel Wallen should stay in one box. Hell, he's dabbled in a little bit of every genre and done it pretty well, this one may just have a little bit too much of the finger snaps and computerized drum loops in the production. You want to do that? Cool, just don't put it in the "Country" genre.

Still, Morgan Wallen is the hottest artist in Country music right now and regardless, I'm a huge fan. Not everyone is going to fully like everything someone puts out. But hell, the teaser he released back in July of last year became insanely popular with his fans and it's already number 1 on iTunes, all genre so who cares.

Check it out below.

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