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Morgan Wallen's "Don't Think Jesus" Is Fastest Country Song To Hit 1 Million Streams This Year

Morgan Wallen may just have the most loyal fanbase in all of music right now.

We're only 4 months into 2022 but Morgan Wallen is already breaking the internet and charts one again.

Morgan Wallen's brand new, spiritual song titled, "Don't Think Jesus," was the fastest Country song to reach 1 million streams on the first day of it's release on Spotify this year.

While that may not sound like a HUGE deal, it's just the latest accomplishment of Morgan Wallen's career thus far. He also won Album Of The Year at the ACM Awards last month for "Dangerous: The Double Album," which also was the best selling album of 2021, all-genre.

His fans haven't abandoned him but in this case, loyalty isn't all of it. "Don't Think Jesus," written by Chase McGil, Jessi Alexander and Mark Holman, is just a damn good song and a perfect fit for Wallen's voice. He sings it with great conviction.

Check it out below.

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