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Morgan Wallen's New Song "Don't Think Jesus" Is Here & It's DAMN good

Holy shit.

Not only did this live up to expectations, it surpassed them, by a mile.

Back in early October of last year, Morgan Wallen shared a teaser of a then unreleased song, titled "Don't Think Jesus" to his social media accounts and fans, including myself, were instantly hooked and craving the full song.

Written by Chase McGil, Jessi Alexander and Mark Holman, the song tells a story about a man sulking in self pity and what seems to be him trying to wrap his head around how Jesus could forgive him after all he's done.

The first time he shared it, Morgan said his friends wrote the song with him in mind and that it made him cry in his truck when he first heard it.

From mainstream Country to rap collaborations with Lil Durk, and now, a more traditional sound like his feature on Ernest's "Flower Shops," Morgan can do it all. With that said, I not only fell in love with the lyrics and the emotional chorus, but that steel guitar solo on the bridge.

This may be Morgan Wallen's best song yet.

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