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Morgan Wallen Teases Brand New Song, Honors Keith Whitley

Already a HUGE fan of this one.

Early Sunday morning, Morgan Wallen teased a new song to social media that honors Keith Whitley with a ton of references to his catalog before the legendary Country singer passed away.

Morgan did not appear to release the official title to this song but I'd expect to hear it on the new album this year. Speaking of new albums, Luke Combs is set to release a new 18-song album in March, not even a year after his last 12-song record. The reason I bring that up is because Luke has admitted that their is a friendly competition between the two artists since he thinks it's between him or Morgan as to who's the biggest Country singer right now. I'm sorry Luke, that belongs to Morgan, by far.

I'm a huge fan of Whitley and Wallen so I'm excited for this one. Y'all check out the video teaser, below.

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