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Morgan Wallen Teases Clip Of Brand New Song "Whiskey Friends"

He's back again.

After just releasing three new songs last week, Morgan Wallen teases another new song on Instagram titled; "Whiskey Friends."

While this is another one of those demo teasers from Morgan that isn't necessarily "country," the song has a pretty good vibe. (I hate myself for using that word but hey, it fits.)

I could do without snap tracks in my Country music but make no mistake, when Morgan crosses over or flirts with pop/hip-hop, he does it better than almost any one out there, while also staying true to himself.

After having the best selling album, all genre, of 2021 and having over 2 billion streams on Spotify alone this year, Morgan shows no signs of slowing down with a new album a brewing.

Check out the teaser for "Whiskey Friends" below.

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