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Morgan Wallen's Older Music Is Increasing In Sales & Streams

Morgan continues to dominate the Country music genre.

After releasing his double album, "Dangerous," in February of 2021 and then having a huge setback after the video released by TMZ, Morgan went on to have the best selling album that year, all genre.

While shattering records with his first two albums, it appears fans are going back and listening to his old music as well.

In the middle of 2021, Morgans song "Spin You Around,"released almost 7 years ago, was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

At that time, Morgan already had eight platinum sales awards and held the most played song on Country radio the previous year with "Whiskey Glasses."

Spin You Around was released on Morgan's "Stand Alone EP" in 2015, shortly after Morgan was a finalist on NBC's hit show The Voice, and I still see fans quoting it on social media. It's also important to note that it has 24 million views on YouTube, without ever being a radio single or an official music video.

Morgan recently had to cancel the first few shows of his tour but he's officially back and ready to continue to dominate the Country music genre, with Luke Combs by his side.

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