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Parker McCollum Releases Cover Of 'Carrying Your Love With Me' By George Strait

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

One of the greatest Country songs from the best era of Country music. That's right, the 90's.

Today, Parker McCollum released a cover of George Strait's

"Carrying Your Love With Me" and unfortunately to Apple Music listeners, it's only on Spotify. (I'm an Apple Music user so I understand the pain.)

This is perfect timing considering I was just listening to Parker cover this song acoustically on YouTube a few nights ago. Never the less, nothing Parker puts out disappoints. Even when it's a cover of The King.

"George Strait has been my favorite Country singer my whole life, I wasn't going to pass on the chance from Spotify to cover one of his songs."

Parker calls "Carrying Your Love With Me" the greatest Country song from the 90's. Check it out on Spotify. Oh, and I think they are doing 3 months free right now if you sign up. You're welcome.

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