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Remember When Morgan Wallen WASN'T Banned From the ACM Awards?

Alright, everyone is aware of why Morgan Wallen was banned from award shows so we don't need to hash that out again (and if you don't, you've been living under a fucking rock.)

Last year, Morgan was once again ineligible and banned from attending the ACM's, which is fine considering what happened, I guess. However, that didn't stop him from being nominated. Same goes to the CMA's and same goes to the freakin' Billboard Awards. All in all, it's just ironic and humorous.

Still, since the video came out in February of last year, Morgan has kept his promise on donating a half a million dollars to black-led organizations and charities. What that means, maybe nothing? But he kept his word.

Will he be able to attend again, soon? The verdict is still out for this years 57th annual ACM Awards. The show is coming up soon, however, on March 7th, when it airs on Amazon Prime, commercial free, for the first time in history.

I bet the ratings drop even more, lol.

OH, here's Morgan performing "Whiskey Glasses," the most played Country song of that year, at the 2020 ACM Awards because why the fuck not? You're welcome.

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