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The 10 Best Songs On Morgan Wallen's Double Album 'Dangerous'

Ranking the top songs from the best selling album of last year.

Considering Morgan Wallen's double album, "Dangerous," came out over a year ago, some could say we're a little late. However, the album is still breaking records so we figured we'd give a little bit of a deeper dive.

With that said, here are the ten best songs from the 30 album tracklist. In no particular order.


Written by Matt Dragstrem, Rhett Akins, Thomas Rhett and Josh Thompson, this may be one of the most underrated songs on the album. Written from a place of heartache, the song tells a story of a man wishing he could manipulate the situation and persuade his ex-lover into getting back with him. Some may say it's generic but the details it's written with makes it one of the best story-telling songs on the record. It's also very relatable.


Ahhh, one of the more "bro-country from 2015" leaning tracks off the record. And nope, that's not a bad thing in this case. You can only sing about what you know and subliminally, it's kind of a big "fuck you" to those who hate this kind of stuff. Morgan sings about not caring how cliche it sounds, it's what he knows. Plus this song goes hard as fuck.


Not much I want to say here other than Wallen gives a shoutout to Eric Church and I love the storyline about how when he gets drunk, he wants to dial up her number. Smooth and also underrated.


She was her ex's "problem" and now she's about to be his. Co-written by Morgan himself, this is one of the highlights off the record and a major fan favorite.


First off, let me just say I personally hate the snap track in the beginning and I also hate the hip-hop production on the chorus. Morgan has played it acoustically in the past and the song still has the same "swag" it had on the original, just without the over-production. BUT, you still can't deny it's a damn good song. It's relatable and catchy, nonetheless.


If Morgan could just figure out the wind and how it works, maybe he could figure out why this girl comes and goes. 8/10 for me.


Co-written by Eric Church, this is one of those sleepers on the album. Something you may not appreciate until a few listens in since the album is filled with so many hits.


I feel differently about this song now than I did at the time of it's release. I mean, hell, this was out before Morgan's big "controversy" that flooded the news headlines. I've always thought it was "cool" and something to drive around and vibe to, but I probably wouldn't have put it on this list a year ago. Now? I feel like it speaks more to Morgan about his past and where he was in his life vs. how he thinks now, which I like.


Chris Stapleton. That's it.


Written by HARDY, Ashley Gorley and Josh Osborne, this song may be the most beautiful track on the album. Just a piano and Morgan's raspy emotional vocals.

I'd love to include songs like "7 Summers"and "Cover Me Up" but I purposely avoided those due to them being released WAY before the album. Hey, ya get whatcha get.

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