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The Worst Country Songs Of 2022

Alright y'all, it's that time of year again...

There was some damn good Country music in 2022 but there was also some HORRIBLE stuff out there that, unfortunately, can't go un-talked about. Let's dive in.


I typically don't tolerate SHANIA TWAIN hate. I also don't tolerate pop music being called Country. We all get caught up in what's "country" and what's not. However, at the end of the day, you like what you like and you can't just change that. So my message to Country artists is this; make the kind of music you want to make. But if nothing about it is even remotely Country, then please don't put it in our genre on iTunes. When it comes to Shania Twain, she was pretty poppy in the 90's but her style worked and was pretty badass. Today? She's a 57 year old woman still relying on her massive hits from over 20 years ago to remain relevant while putting out a Hannah Montana style pop song in "Waking Up Dreaming." It's BAD.


Dustin Lynch used to be one of my favorite artists. After "Cowboys And Angels," he followed up his debut album with another solid record in "Where It's At." Since then, it's been pretty bad. "Good Girl" is still probably his worst radio single to date but this is a close second. Dustin has tried to put out those simplistic, yet catchy "summer jams" but has continued to fail. They're just lazy. I mean, the beginning of the chorus just repeats "Party Mode" three times and the sad part is he really thought he did something with it. Yikes.


Lee Brice has been underrated since he came out. He's consistently put out amazing #1 singles such as "I Drive your Truck, "Hard To Love" and "I Don't Dance," yet failed to gain recognition on a "bigger platform." This song, however, makes this list because it's literally one of the most cringe and corniest things I've ever heard. Sorry, Lee.


Jason Aldean is one of my favorite Country singers of all time so it's really hard to add him to this list. However, I have to stay consistent and I remember my jaw dropping in disgust and embarrassment the first time I heard "Ain't Enough Cowboy." I still enjoy Aldean's new music but it's no secret that it's not nearly as good as it used to be. This song, however? Jason went full early 2000's T-Pain on the autotune and it's really reaaaaalllly bad.


Oh boy, a dad in his 40's putting out a "Country song" with hip-hop influence, sampling Nelly and singing the word "shawty." I'm not even gonna waste my time on this guy right now. Just make Walker Hayes go away. For good.


Okay, If I'm being honest, this song isn't HORRIBLE. It's upbeat and "fun" but it's just corny and feels forced coming from an artist who doesn't seem to know what genre he wants to be in. Oh yeah, he wants to "make music like Nelly" but decided to play it "safe" and release Country music first. Y'all remember that? Fuck Kane Brown. (Also, I'm extremely tired of the name-dropping songs. It's not as cool as you think anymore.)

Side note... I see a lot of folks saying "Rolex On A Redneck" by Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean is one of the worst songs of the year and look, I totally understand why someone would think that. But on the down-low, that song goes hard as fuck. Sorry, not sorry.

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