Throwback to Flatland Cavalry Covering Turnpike Troubadours "Empty As A Drum"

Unless you've been living under a fucking rock, you're already aware that The Turnpike Troubadours broke the internet last year with the news that they were finally getting back together.

Over three years ago, the band went on a "hiatus" in May of 2019 but as of late, they've been back on the main stage, making fans and ticket scalpers happy as fuck. While we're all waiting for Cross Canadian Ragweed to do the same, we'll take the third best option...a Turnpike tribute from Flatland Cavalry.

Covering "Empty As A Drum," off of Turnpike's 2012 album Goodbye Normal Street, the band took to twitter to share the video from their soundcheck. Since posting the video back in May of last year, Flatland Cavalry released their third studio album, "Welcome To Country Land," as well as the EP, "Songs To Keep You Warm."

Trust me, they're both damn good.

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