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WATCH: Jon Pardi Covers "I Just Want To Dance With You" by George Strait

Doing The King justice...

First things first, no one outdoes George Strait, especially when it comes to his own music. However, there's a few artists that come to mind who have phenomenal Strait covers.

Cody Johnson might have the best one with "You Look So Good In Love," but Jon Pardi has a couple pretty solid covers as well.

Now, this is just an acoustic performance from when Jon Pardi stopped by the Bobby Bones show back in 2017 so it's not a studio cover or Pardi's best vocal attempt. With that said, I could see a damn good rendition of this if he chose to record it. It fits Pardi's style.

"I Just Want To Dance With You" was written by John Prine and Roger Cook and released by George in 1998 as the lead single for his album "One Step At A Time."

Check out this version below.

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