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Whiskey Myers Release New Song "John Wayne," Announce New Album "Tornillo."

The legendary Southern-rock, Country band is BACK.

Today, Whiskey Myers released a new rock, harmonica driven, song titled "John Wayne."

Along with the new single, the band announced their sixth studio album, "Tornillo," the second album that the band has produced themselves.

It's weird when you consider Whiskey Myers has been around this long and yet, they are still making a name for themselves. Also weird to think about the fact that they weren't "canceled" for their "Ballad Of A Southern Man" song, where they sing about still flying the rebel flag and saying "merry Christmas" instead of "happy holidays." Oh, that video has over 23 million views, by the way.

Regardless of the political bullshit, Whiskey Myers is one of the best bands in Country music, even without the mainstream radio play. I also have a few guitar picks that I caught when thrown into the crowd of their live show.

Their new album "Tornillo," will be out July 29th of this year. Listen to the brand new song "John Wayne," below.

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