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Zach Bryan Releases Highly Anticipated New Song "From Austin"

The highly anticipated new song from Zach Bryan is OFFICIALLY here.

As promised, Zach Bryan released the debut lead single from his upcoming record today, titled "From Austin."

If you're wondering why it sounds different from Bryan's music in the past, that's because it's no longer recorded in a home studio. That's right, the sound we've all come to love from Zach Bryan is still the same (at least from this track) except he's finally getting his music professional recorded.

Bryan is one of the biggest up and coming artists in the genre. With a voice reminiscent of Tyler Childers, yet with a story to tell of his own, he continues to dominate Country music without any help from anyone other than fans on social media, something that's becoming popular and normal, but I don't think I've seen anyone do it quite like he has.

Zach Bryan's new album "American Heartbreak" will be out May 20th. 'Till then, enjoy this.

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